Monster Girl Encyclopedia Guidelines for Secondary creation

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Monster Girl Encyclopedia Guidelines for Secondary creation

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1. Permission for use in derivative works
Secondary creations using the Monster Girl Encyclopedia content and characters from the Monster Girl Encyclopedia must adhere to all of the following terms and conditions.
Secondary creations that do not comply with the following terms and conditions are prohibited.

2. commercial purposes
No commercial creation or sale is allowed without permission, regardless of whether it is by an individual or a company.
In such cases, please contact Kenko_cross (, the rights holder of Monster Girl Encyclopedia, and apply for permission.
Please note that non-commercial use does not mean that you do not have to abide by the terms and conditions.

3. Permission for secondary use
Unauthorized secondary use of the contents of this site (reproduction or modification of the text or illustrations of the illustrated books) is not permitted.

4. Prohibited contents and genres
The following types of secondary use are prohibited.
The use of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia or its characters in any of the following activities or creations is also prohibited.

Claims for the assertion of a specific religion or political beliefs, and those that demean such beliefs.
Those that harm the ideas, honor, etc. of this work or third parties, or infringe on the rights of third parties.
Those that damage the image of Monster Girl Encyclopedia or its characters.
When creating a derivative work, please be sure to read through the Introduction, the Monster Girl Encyclopedia, the Setting Material Collection, and the text of each Monster Girl before creating the derivative work.
 Please make sure you understand the setting of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia at the very least, and conform to the content and image of the Encyclopedia.

 For example, a Monster Girl does not kill a man by taking all of his sperm when she mates with him;a Monster Girl never has sex with anybody other than her husband; Please be sure to adhere to these rules. This must be strictly observed.
 Also, creations with themes of abuse and slaughter of humans and demons, and Monster Girl killing and ruining men by taking their sperm are prohibited, as they do not conform to the setting and are not in keeping with the Monster Girl Encyclopedia.

 Secondary creations that alter the setting or maliciously target the setting or characters of Monster Girl Encyclopedia with malicious content.
We reserve the right to stop the production and distribution of any work that is in the gray area of the rules, regardless of whether it is CGI or an external site.

 If you do not know what the Monster Girl Encyclopedia images are like, or if you do not know the criteria for compliance with the settings, please refer to the following list of genres that we handle and do not handle.
Please refer to the list of genres we do and do not handle, or contact Kenko_cross (
If you are still unsure, please refrain from creating secondary creations.
Genres that fall into, or are similar or derivative of, the genres listed below. For details, please refer to the following table.
× Prohibited genres, proclivities, and attributes
Anything that resembles or hints at these genres is also totally prohibited.
We will judge and deal with secondary creations that intentionally aim for the gray zone of the regulations.
・Intercourse with another person's wife
 Sexual intercourse with a married woman, including both cuckolding and being cuckolded, as well as similar sexual propensities and derivations, is prohibited.
・Death by being squeezed dry by a Monster Girl, or death by sexual intercourse.
・Sex with Monster Girl or human woman by Futanari Monster Girl

5. copyright ownership
The above terms and conditions do not constitute a waiver of copyright.
The Monster Girl Encyclopedia is copyrighted by Kurobinega and Kenko_cross.

6. Skeb and Commissions
Requests for illustrations of Monster Girl Encyclopedia on Skeb, commissions, etc., and the creation of derivative works in response to such requests are only allowed for derivative works that comply with the terms and conditions of this page.
The use of the illustrations on Fantia, Patreon, and other support sites for paid content is only allowed for derivative works that comply with the terms and conditions of this page.