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Forum rules

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1. General Forum Rules

1.1 This is an nsfw forum (18+)
Anyone who are below age of 18 are not allowed on this site, if found, said person will be banned permanently.
1.2 Don't be a dick
Be kind to other community members, don't spew random hatred, and if you're getting heated in a thread, take a break and do something else for a while. (This extends to bashing on KC, the MGE, forum goers or anything similar.)
Rule 1.2 Addendum - 19/10/2015
For the clarification of users, Monster Girls Redux is explicitly a fan site, where users are encouraged to share and discuss their appreciation of Monster Girls and anything else pertaining to that genre and subculture. We draw a very firm line however at the point where discussion becomes venting and inciting drama, and while expressing dislike or criticism of the profiles or the author is acceptable, personal criticism, inflammatory remarks and deliberately provocative material is not tolerated. Attacks on the MGE Author's character, or any other form of defamation, hostility and baiting will result in a permanent ban.

Creative works of fiction, art and other materials that contain violence towards Monster Girls and explicit deaths are allowed, but must require clear warning or tagging as such, must be kept to their appropriate sub-forums, and are generally discouraged from being posted in the chatrooms. Reposting such content under the profiles or any other thread will be met with warnings, if not outright bans, there are other websites suited to cater to 'HFY' and 'Crusader' fandoms, this is not one of them.

Users are reminded that this is a fan forum, not a hate forum. Please use the report function, or message a member of staff if any such behaviour takes place in the forum or chatroom.
1.3 Things that will result in a warnings, multiple warnings or a ban depending on their severity
  • Flaming
  • Trolling
  • Spamming
  • Posting PMs publicly (if you're being harassed, send the evidence to the mods, don't post it to the forum/chat. However, direct communication between users, administration or moderators of this site and another are allowed to be posted to show a history of occurrences between this site and others.).
  • Harassing other members of the forum. This is true both publicly and via private messages. This also includes racial based slurs, sexual harassment and anything else that could conceivably come under this.
  • Multiple Accounts (especially with the purpose of banjumping)
  • Posting images designed to get a negative rise out of other users. This is especially true of guro images, hard vore and other similar fetishes.
  • Attacking a member of this site outside of this site as an extension of your, or your target's, membership on this site. This also includes acts that are prohibited by the site with regards to its rules when breaking them on another site is meant to contravene these rules.
  • Ignoring a moderator or administrators direction, especially true when being given a warning. A member ignoring an admonition against a proscribed behaviour can expect harsher punishment.
  • Sexual harassment.
1.4 Image posting
Images are to be posted in their respective channels and has to be on-topic
The following contents are banned and posting such content intentionally will result permanent ban without warning:
  • Gore and excessively violent content
Content that features excessive levels of violence and torture, especially pornographic gore content, will be removed and the offending poster disciplined
  • Beastiality content
  • Scat content
  • Non-MGE vore image content
All vore image content is banned excluding soft vore image content featuring MGE characters is permitted.
“Soft vore” is defined as content featuring the act of swallowing or taking into the mouth a person or creature.
  • Hard vore image content
  • Hermaproditism
  • Furry (with the exception of MGE material)
  • Explicit Trap and male-focused
  • Cuckolding
  • Morbidly obese character(s)
  • Hyper inflated character(s)
1.5 Warnings
Due to the upsurge in user base, we're going to formalize the warning process. Folks, we work on a three strikes system. However, in certain circumstances this may be ignored at a moderator or admins discretion if an act is especially offensive. How this typically works is you get one verbal warning, or a "soft" warning, ignoring the warning, insulting the person giving the warning or continuing to participate in the prohibited behavior will result in a formal, or "hard", warning.

3 Warnings = 1 Week Ban
6 Warnings = 1 Month Ban
9 Warnings = 1 Year Ban
12 Warnings = Life Ban

Warnings, also, do not degrade over time and will only be removed at moderator or admin discretion.