Monster Girl Redux is back!

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Monster Girl Redux is back!

Post by AlexDoheny »

It's been over half a year since the Monster Girls Redux forum went down, a long and dreaded wait for every monster girl lover. And I am now happy to announce that -

Monster Girls Redux is back!

First of all, I would like to thank every faithful lover of monster girls for waiting patiently for our return. It was a journey to bring Monster Girls Redux back online; many things had occurred in the process, so please allow me to address the situation:

As you may know or may not know, Monster Girls Redux forum was previously hacked by an unknown attacker. As a result, we were unable to recover the old site and had to rebuild a new one. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to members of the Monster Girls Redux forum. In view of this event, we reviewed and strengthened our security and service to provide a better environment for discussing and making monster girl content.

In the future, this forum will have more frequent backups, and our backups will be saved on different instances to reduce the damage on loss of data. Also, multiple backup plans for hosting services are prepared in case of something unforeseeable happening to the current one we are using which could cause the unavailability of our service; this will help bringing our service back online quicker than ever.

Secondly, our former owner, as well as the founder of Monster Girls Redux, Gullinbursti, has been busy with real life matters and cannot focus on operating Monster Girls Redux. Therefore, he decided to step down as a owner and transfer it to someone who is passionate and genuine as a monster girl lover.

The transfer of ownership was discussed among the team of Monster Girls Redux, and we came to a conclusion. I, Alex Doheny, am excited to announce that I have taken over as the new owner of Monster Girls Redux!

Four years since I first joined the monster girl community and it's been crazy to me. Never thought I would start making content, commissioning a doujin, befriending one of the most well-known monster girl content creators as well as one of the founders of the monster girl genre, Kenkou Cross himself, and finally, taking up important roles to this monster girl community.

Monster Girls Redux is over a decade old; this forum was created to build a community, a safe haven for those who truly love monster girls. Despite my late introduction to this community, I will do my best to contribute to this wonderful community, doing what's right and just for everyone who loves monster girls.